6 of us decided to have some short eats on a lazy Sunday evening and one of them suggested Kleo! After struggling to get a place to park, we settled comfortably in a nice corner and started looking at the display for an idea for our orders. The settings are comforting, seating is well laid out with comfortable chairs, large windows for a look at the beautiful Chennai traffic and the likes!

The first round had orders of one coleslaw sandwich, a chicken tikka sub, veg burger, a butter croissant, cinnamon chocolate drink and iced tea. The coleslaw sandwich was amazing - it was two layered sandwich with lots of slaw and topped with, I think, cheese and the final product was brilliant. The iced tea, did not taste like tea to me, but however it was a BRILLIANT drink!! It was sweet, actually it did have a small hint of tea, frothy and whatever it was, it was just great! The veg burger, the tikka sandwich and the croissant were all just average, the croissant was definitely not worth it (I hear that their chocolate croissants are not dry though). The second round has orders of sandwich all of which were not bad, but not great either!

Service was good, but a lot of items on the menu are not available on a Sunday evening, you only get whatever is displayed on the counter! Prices are all very reasonable for a coffee shop and the bill of 6 people with each having a sandwich, drink and half a cake was about Rs 750! I would love to go back here and try their cakes!

Food 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 7/10
Price 8/10

Kleo is on the G N Chetty road junction below the bridge, near Vani Mahal