Flame Grill (Mouthful)

Its been quite a while since we visited Mouthful so on Saturday late evening, we headed there for some exotic stuff. We were just the two of us and decided to stick to just some specialties! For a Saturday evening, the place was pretty deserted and we were wondering if the place has lost its sheen.

So, we ordered half Lebanon Grill Chicken, a Chicken Schwarma and one Raan (the lamb leg) cooked Moroccan style. The Lebanon grill chicken is served with kuboos, some hummus and veges, while the lamb was served with the same and the schwarma with just some veges. The Lebanon grill chicken was amazing, with the perfect flavor, but the kuboos and the hummus were pretty bad. The Lamb leg was not as tender as it used to be sometime back at Mouthful (or when it was Mouthful, its Flame Grill now)! The schwarma was pretty ordinary too!

Service was ok, and the ambiance is pretty ordinary. The place has definitely lost its sheen over time, and though some dishes here are still excellent, I have a feeling that the overall quality has dropped. The group has started two new restaurants on RK Salai, called Wild Amazon and Al Arab, so maybe they are focusing their energy there! But the lebanon grill chicken was just awesome! Half chicken was priced at Rs 180, the schwarma at Rs 70 and the Raan at Rs 950.

Food 6/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 5/10
Price 7/10

Flame Grill is located next to Green Trends on Ragaviah Road (Parallel to GN Chetty road, take a right at the Rohini Hotel Junction when coming from TP Road)