Cream Center

Having occupied the physical space of Mumbai based restaurant which was a total failure, Cream Center on College road had a few good reviews initially, but being a pure veg restaurant, it did not particularly catch my attention! But I had a chance to go there last week as part of a large group and finally got a first hand sight (and taste) of the food there!

8 of us landed here on a Saturday afternoon and barged the waiters with orders. American corn balls, falafels, Big Nachos, onion rings and another round of the above. The corn balls were filled with cream cheese and corn and were pretty good, while the falafels were very very nice - served perfectly inside a pita bread pocket and was a mini meal by itself! The onion rings were very average, but the big nachos was nice - huge nachos served on a bed of sauce with all the things that normally go into nachos ,just that that the sauce base was not great!

For main course, we had veg biriyani (yeah, bad idea), enchiladas, penne with baby potatoes, grill paneer, paneer on tawa and thali! The biriyani tasted like tomato rice with flavor and nothing more, the enchiladas were pathetic - with a very very dilute sauce and melted cheese and was pretty bad, but the paneer steak dishes were not bad, they were very edible. The penne was pretty decent and was probably the only sauce that was close to being what it is supposed to be!

For desserts, we had crispy belgian waffle served with ice cream, shahi thukda sizzler, brownie with icecream and fruit salad. I am sure a Belgian will hang himself if you called that Belgian Waffle, but it was present well and the ice cream and fruits on top were pretty good, the waffle itself was certainly not Belgian and not crisp either (both of which should ideally be removed from the name and simply called Waffle with ice cream). The shahi thukda was alright and the brownie was not fresh!

Since we had a plethora of dishes, courtesy the large group, there were a few hits and misses, more misses than hits, but on the whole I enjoyed their starters, the paneer steak dishes and the penne, but others were decent, but certainly not justified by their names or the pictures on the menu!

But being fair to them, this is a pure veg place and some of the vegetarians actually enjoyed the food, so I think this is at best a good vegetarian attempt at Continental food which is very non vegie!

Service was quick and prompt, the ambiance was pretty good and the whole thing cost us Rs 4400, about Rs 600 per head, but if you go as two, you will end up paying more per head I think!

Food 6/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 6/10

Creme Center is located on College road, just down Alliance Francais!