Its been quite a while since I went to this 'Fat Chef' with a tagline - 'Never trust a skinny chef! I love their friday buffets, but I have gone wrong quite a few times a la carte, but this time - BANG ON!!!

After getting a few cakes, we suddenly felt very hungry and decided to get some good 'Americanized' food at Sparky's. Yes, I say Americanized, because almost everything here is Americanized. The Italian fare, the Mexican and the Carri bean are all Americanized, while the Hawaiian and other American stuff are just good here. Like I have mentioned in my original review of their buffet, if you are looking for Chicken Tikka Burgers, this is certainly the place to AVOID!!!!!

So, on this visit, we ordered South of the Border Nachos, which is my favorite here. With generous helpings of nachos, chicken, refried beans with the right combo of salsa and veges, I have never gone wrong with the nachos here. We then ordered 'Philly Beef Steak sandwich and Chicken Lasagna, both of which I was trying for the first time here and oh boy, did we not enjoy them!!! I simply loved the philly beef steak - large helpings of perfectly fried beef stuffed into a french loaf and served with loads for fries! Today, the bread did not seem fresh, but it was not bad and the beef more than made up for it! The quantity of most dishes are American, like everything else! This reminded me of a similar sandwich that I had at Hooters, a dish I can never forget (I am talking strictly about the food)! The chicken lasagna was the typical Americanized Lasagna - loaded with tomato based sauce and lots of chicken, unlike the authentic Italian type! We were stuffed and had no space for dessert, but if you are in the mood, I recommend the Dessert Nachos! Iced tea and Lemonade (both bottomless and interchangable) used to be great, but has lost its charm recently!

Prices are great and honest and they do not levy a service charge. Service is quick on most days and this saturday, the restaurant was packed and we had to wait for 15 minutes to get a table and the nice thing was that unlike earlier when I used to see only a lot of expats, this time around a lot of our people were around and looks like Chennai has developed a taste for Americanized foods!!!

Food 8/10
Price 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10

Sparky's is located opp the Palimar restaurant just ahead of the Egmore Subway!

My review of the Sparky's Buffet