Sea Shell

Its time for a rendezvous with Sea Shell and so my friend and I decided to get there for a quick lunch. Sea shell tries to be multi cuisine, but is only good with what they do best - Grilled stuff!! The place is quite small on the crowded Mount Road end of Greme's road with parking being a huge headache. Once you do get inside the hot place, the smell of grilled chicken fills the air!

We stuck to our favorites - the Arabian Grilled Chicken and The Afghani Chicken. Half portion gives you two large chunks (half a chicken), some hummus, some mayo, some salad and two Kuboos! The kuboos here are nice and soft on most days, the hummus is almost always great and the chicken, really tasty. The grilled chicken was brilliant today, cooked to perfection and served in style. I also loved the Afghani chicken, though my friend did not like it (so i got to eat lots of it)! Another favorite of mine here is their BBQ Grill Chicken, which tastes more Tandoori than BBQ, but in a place like this, name does not matter to me- the chicken tastes great, period!

The 'biriyani' that is served here is very different, I don't know if it is how it is served in parts of Arabia, but to me it more of a flavored rice, something like a different pulao. Its tastes great no doubt, just that its probably named wrong!!! The lassi we ordered was pathetic so I won't say more! The grilled stuff (half portions) cost between Rs 90 and Rs 120 and that to me is very reasonable! They have stopped serving shawarma during the day time and is now only available after 5 PM and their shawarmas are pretty good. I would stick to their shawarmas and their grilled chicken here! There is not much of service or ambiance to talk about, but apparently their Anna Nagar branch is more spacious, but I am yet to visit that!

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 4/10
Price 8/10