the Pasta bar Veneto

Having seen a few good pictures on their facebook page, and having heard a few good reviews, we head to the newest Italian outlet in town, the Pasta bar Veneto. A nice chap with a broad smile welcomes us and seats us in a very nicely done restaurant. The interiors are simple, but elegant with a wood finish theme to it- a personal favorite. The menu is exquisitely designed, with lots of pictures, trivia and the likes on the left pages and the food stuff on the right.

Being only two of us, we ordered some kiwi mohito to drink and one grilled chicken, one baked dish, the name of which I forgot and a mango cheese cake! The mohitos was served in a nice big glass and tasted good, not the best in town though. The grilled chicken was nice, tasted good, served with garlic bread, mashed potatoes and vegetables and was a good meal. The chicken, I felt, was not soft enough for my liking, but no complaints on the taste. The baked vegetables with chicken were decent, but a little on the dry side! The mango cheese cake was AWESOME!!!! The grilled chicken was priced at Rs 195, the baked dish was priced at Rs 145, the cheese cake at Rs 85 and the drink at Rs 45. Service charge and vat are both charged extra.

Service was quick, attentive and friendly. I wrote about the chicken not being soft and within minutes, the owner, Mr. Vinod (I think I got the name right) was out and asked me about it. He seems passionate with what he does and was willing to listen too, which is always a good sign - Casa Picola almost made a living listening to customers!

Overall, this is a decent place to dine Italian, there is a good dose of authenticity, decent prices and good service. I am told that their T. Nagar outlet is much bigger and better!

Food 7/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 7/10

The Pasta bar Veneto is on Alsa Mall on Montieth Road and now a new outlet at Burkit Road.