Le Chocolate pâtisserie

A brand new cake shop has opened its doors at Egmore and we went out to try some of their offerings. Though it has a nice name, as you enter, you cannot help but think that this is just another cake shop! The seating is nice and generous and being new the interiors were sparkling clean. There is a first floor seating too, but we stuck to the base floor next to the window.

We ordered a Nilgiris Chocolate Cake, a Banana Walnut Fudge and a fruit cake slice. The first to come was the fruit cake slice which was super soft and nice and tasty. The chocolate cake arrived next, it was quite big and had a hard chocolate on the side and a very nice looking icing on top. The cake had a good dose of chocolate and there was something missing. It was a little too hard for a cake priced at Rs 110 and I did not think that it was worth the price. The Banana Walnut tart too was quite tasty in its first two bites, but we could not take in more. All the cakes look yummy, but when you taste it, it leaves you wondering if its the same thing you just saw!

It is not fair to give a verdict after tasting only three dishes, but since the cakes were quite hard, I really think that there is something grossly wrong in trying to get this place an elite status! The cakes are decent, but not brilliant, especially with such nice interiors, a nice name and a high price tag, I guess I expected a little more!

Food 6/10
Price 5/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10

Le Chocolate Patisserie is located in a nice new building on Casa Major road, close to the Adidas showroom and Arun ice cream!