Elementz Cafe

On a relatively slow day at work, we decided to walk down to Elementz for a quick lunch. I was stuck with three vegetarians and so we only tried the veg dishes this time around. You can get some info on the two non veg dishes I had the last time around at Elementz here!

We ordered three iced lemon teas and one cranberry shake, one cottage cheese pizza, one pasta with white sauce and one with red sauce. The iced teas were alright, while the shake was nice, smooth and tasty. The pizza was of a different crust, neither thin crust nor the heavy base, but unique and extremely well made and the sauce reminded me of the olden day Hot Breads Pizza with a heavy tomato pizza sauce!  Both the pastas were nice and the sauces had the right amount of flavor in them.

While my friend was guzzling down his shake, we found a pepsi cap inside it. We had a good laugh and brought it to the notice of the waiter who promptly took it back, apologized and replaced it with a full drink. An apology and we forgot everything - way to go! The total bill was Rs 930 for these and the portions were decent (one person only had a drink, she did not eat)

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Elementz cafe is in Wallace Gardens, down the road from Apollo Hospitals, Egmore