Ecstacy - Mickael Besse

Ecstacy by Mickael Besse, opened its doors to the Chennai Crowd at Satyam Cinemas quite sometime back and established itself as a high end dessert pub, so its time for relook at it.

The menu has undergone considerable change, but the quality and the quantity (read minute) remain the same. The interiors are high class and elegant and the waiters know what is on the menu pretty well. With B&O music systems for your ears, this is definitely the best dessert pub in Chennai.

My favorites here are the Flak - choco mousse set between ferro rocher like biscuit and topped with cream, oh they are yum!!!! The black forest cake is brilliant here with a tinge of rum in it. The florale desserts in various shapes and sizes are quite stunning, while the white chocolate mousse, the eclair and the likes are equally brilliant. Infact I am yet to have a single bad dish all these years, so it is quite reliable taste wise!!! Desserts are typically priced between Rs 60 and Rs 150 for a single piece of whatever, but though minute, they are rich in whatever they have inside them!

Only yesterday did I notice that you sign your credit card bill with a Mont Blanc pen! I don't know if it has always been there and I was too dazed to notice, but yeah, if you want to sign with this one wonder of a pen, you could here. Yeah, the desserts are good too!!

Food - 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Price 8/10

Ecstasy is located inside the premises of Satyam Theatre.