Dosa Calling aka DC

When I saw the empty store at DC's original outlet in Kilpauk, I thought this was another venture gone wrong, but they have resurfaced and how!!!!

Dosa Calling has now set shop off R.K Salai in a nice large space in a great area! The interiors are way better than the original store and they have two very nice quotes on the wall - 'If you waste your time cooking, you will miss the next meal' and I do not remember the second one! The place can easily accommodate more than fifty people and for a breakfast joint, this is quite good.

The right side of the menu was brilliant - Paper Roast priced at Rs 30, Plain Dosa at Rs 25 and a mini breakfast at Rs 55!!!! Way better than the Bhavans! We ordered a mini breakfast, a paper roast and a plate of vadas! The mini breakfast came with 6 pieces of mini idly, a mini (not very mini, a decent size) dosa, a cup of pongal, a vada, four chutneys and a mini coffee/tea. Perfect breakfast at the perfect prize! The paper roast was every bit the perfect one usually priced on the other side of the eighties, and paying Rs 30 was brilliant. The vadas were alright, a little too oily for my liking, but definitely not bad! The total price was Rs 118 flat! The menu is quite awesome with a variety of masalas available for your masala dosas and all the usual south indian fare. I would go back here for breakfast when I want to get some south Indian stuff!!!

Food 7/10
Price 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10

DC is located off R.K Salai, adjacent to the Yellow pages building. Its called VM Street.