50 Bucks

Ok, just because a Nano costs only Rs 1 lac, it does not mean that it can be delivered without a steering wheel, or an engine. It also means that the car needs to necessarily run and you should not be required to push it everytime. Now that we understand that value for money needs to have SOME value, let me review whatever is left of 50 bucks!

We decided to try some new place for dinner last night and finally chose to dine at 50 bucks. We were nine of us and we started out with squid fry, french fries and onion rings. The squids were old, bad and nasty, the french fries were undercooked and tasteless, while the onion rings were alright. We then asked for some fried chicken which was again undercooked and tasteless! We sent back the french fries and it promptly came out all heated in a microwave and still undercooked! The drinks were not bad, but the rest of it was pathetic.

We asked for the bill, paid and left!

The ambiance is not bad for a place priced like this and the service was alright,but they had no idea why we sent back dishes! The prices are awesome, with the maximum price being Rs 50, but I would prefer to pay Rs 50 and have a great crepe at Creperie than eat here. This might be a little harsh and maybe we need to give them time to overcome their start up troubles, but if you cannot cook french fries the second time it was sent back from the table, something is wrong! I will only go back if someone else tries the place and swears that they have improved!

Food 2/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 6/10
Price 9/10

50 bucks is located on R K Salai above the Domino's Outlet!