Kryptos by Willi

The Willi-Vipin duo is back with a new restaurant this time on the ever bustling KNK Road in Nungambakkam. With Tuscana's Italian fare being extremely successful, the duo are out to confront the Greek now!!! I was honored to have been there for their trials to get a taste of what to expect from them! I have never been to Greece so my Greek food expertise is limited to Las Vegas, stand alone Greek fare in some parts of the US, one Greek restaurant in Europe and some Mediterranean fare in US, Europe and India so my take on authenticity is limited to these factors! I love good food and am willing to give authenticity a miss as long as they don't call Masala Dosa, Greek!!!! Trial is not a good place to judge the quantity, price and service and so I will stay away from these things and stick only to the food in this review  unlike all my takes on other restaurants!

As we entered the place, we could not help but notice the 'class' factor. The restaurant has extremely good interiors, well designed and beautifully thought out. It is a 64 seater with a large 20 seating community table in the center. While I am not sure how that would work in our city, hats off for trying out that concept here! Vipin welcomed us and after a short talk, we were lead to the cold mezze part of the buffet near the kitchen and we took off our Greek food adventure from there.

You can trust these people to make the best bread in town, Tuscana and Subway showed that long back and Kryptos is no different. The puffed bread, bread sticks and the likes were excellent. Humus was brilliant and they had about 3 varieties all of which were enjoyable.  I had some prawns which were good, but had no idea they were Greek, they tasted just like the ones we make at home!!!! They even had, as Vipin put it, Paul the Octopus, but I stayed away from him!!!! There was some leaf stuffed with artichokes and rice, which I fancied and thought was a good starter.

Now on to the hot buffet! We were offered a large selection of veg and non veg dishes and I must say that the chicken breast stuffed with spinach was out of the world! It was simply stunning and I was tempted to stuff myself with only that, it was that good. Finally we get to have gyros in Chennai, and I tasted the beef and the chicken gyros and I must say that I was disappointed. I have to give it to the restaurant that the gyros was cold by the time I ate it, but somehow I did not get the dashing flavors that I expected in gyros. Make no mistake, it was by no means bad, it tasted good in fact, but somehow that flavor burst that you expect in  gyros was missing! The next great stuff was the lamb moussaka  which to me was the best dish on the buffet along with the spinach chicken. The tenderloin steak was alright, the other lamb stuff were alright to me and the puff pastry stuffed dishes did not excite me. In the veg section, I saw some falafel and was again disappointed. It was the exact same size and taste of our city's 'Ulandha vada'!!!!!  The puff pastry stuffed dishes in the veg side were good however unlike their non veg companions and were enjoyable. The moussakka and the paneer stuff were ok, but I must say that the vegetarians enjoyed it, so I cannot make a comment on the veg side of things.

The fruit punch, the litchi-grape juice and the cranberry-grape juices were all brilliant! The Baklava was excellent, while the chocolate mousse was equally good.

I would love to go back when they open up for the public and get a feel of their prices and quantity. You can be sure of the quality, some of the dishes are stunning and the desserts and drinks brilliant. If the flavor of the gyros improves, I will be heading there very often, but this is a very personal opinion of the gyros. They are good as they are, just not gyrotic enough for me!

Look out for more on ambiance, pricing and service when I hit the place soon!