Bee's Kopitiam

Bee's Kopitiam, which literally means Bee's Coffee House, brings authentic South East Asian cuisine to India and has now open shop at the Express Avenue mall, food court! Being run by Malaysians, the authenticity is as close to eating in Malaysia as is possible. While Malaysian food (really, south east Asian food as a whole and very difficult to point it out country wise), may not be every one's cup of tea, I loved and still love Malaysian food during my stay there as well as occasional indulgences!!!

Typically, a large part of these cuisines are based out prawn or fish sauce and therefore not liked by everyone, but some dishes do not use them at all and can be very tasty! The murktabak and the satay are examples! While the veg murktabak is an Indian innovation (I think) and is not exactly tasty, the chicken and the mutton murktabak are brilliant here! With the right amount of stuffing, these do justice to the price especially the food court prices! Both the chicken and the mutton variations of satay are brilliant and while the peanut sauce is a little dilute for my liking, I cannot claim to have eaten better satay for that price in India!!! The poached chicken and rice is among my favorite foods, while almost everyone else who accompany me, cannot stand it, but I just love it!!!! I would stay away from lots of vegetarian stuff in this place as it does not do justice to the cuisine really! They have still not started their Kaya foods and I just cannot wait to taste them. Kaya, by the way, is some fruit out which a jam seems to be made exclusively in Malaysia and I have not heard of it anywhere outside of Malaysia! And I personally think that next to Banana jam, Kaya is the best jam EVER, so I am waiting to get a taste of it in India!!

Their Lemon Barley drink is also something I always get when I am at their food court, its homemade, simple and tasty. I am not a big fan of Ice katchang, another cuisine special, and so I did not try it out at this place, but I am guessing it is very similar to what we get outside!!!!  For those who cannot stand that unique taste that this cuisine seems to render, I would strongly advise you to stick to the chicken murktabak and the satays, but for those who are adventurous, you could try the whole menu and find your favorites.

Food 8/10
Price  8/10
Ambiance - Food Court
Service - N A

Bee's is located at the Express Avenue Food Court!