The Golden Dragon, Taj Coromandel

As the flagship restaurant of the Taj Coromandel at one point of time, The Golden Dragon commanded respect as the Best Chinese Restaurant in town, authentic, expensive and affordable only by a few. As time went by, Southern Spice, and the other band of restaurants overtook this place as the flagship of the hotel and soon the other Chinese restaurants in the city started getting better, while Golden Dragon slowly went downhill. Thankfully Taj decided to get it back to order and the restaurant is back with a new feel, new menu and a new attitude!!!!!! And its back as the Best Chinese restaurant in town!

My long time favorite at Golden Dragon has been their crispy beef and the choice of prawns. We ordered a portion of Jumbo prawns with coriander and spices, and lemon coriander soup for starters and I must tell you that this is among the few places you get true Jumbo prawns and they really know to get the flavour into the prawns with the shell on, while the Lemon coriander soup was definitely up there!!!  We also ordered some chicken dimsums and they were signature Taj style - very good.
For main course, we had chicken fried rice, crispy beef and a lamb gravy. The chicken fried rice was perfect and the lamb gravy was great!!!! While something was definitely wrong with the crispy fried lamb, the rest of the food was so good that the lamb was forgivable! The fried rice was priced around Rs 300, the prawns at Rs 1200 and the other dishes around Rs 300. Yes, definitely expensive, but hey, we are talking five star. 

Service was impeccable as usual while the renovated restaurant does add to the ambiance. 

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price  7/10

Golden Dragon is the Chinese restaurant at The Taj Coromandel hotel on Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai.