Elementz Cafe

In an extremely crowded food scene near the KNK Road and Wallace Gardens, Egmore, a brand new cafe, aspiring to be a 'hang out' has set up shop! Elementz does have a happening atmosphere and good grubs, and could be a great place if done right!

Elementz kind of has 4 different seating areas- as soon as you enter, you see something like a bar setting with a few tables near by, on the left there are two differently lighted seating areas with low seating, another white themed area near the front of the building and an outdoor seating area at the back!! So it kind of gives you some choice of seating and that is always a nice thing!

We only had some iced tea, a chicken panini and some chicken sausage sandwich and going by what we ate, the food is very good!!!! The iced tea, well, I am not sure if there was any tea in it, but the drinks were flavorful. They even serve non alcoholic wine, champagne and the likes!!The above cost about Rs 500 and this is ok for the kind of food they serve!

Service was attentive, but the place was not crowded enough to evaluate this. The ambiance was ok in the outdoor area, but since it was a smoking zone, we asked to be seated inside. We were then seated in the white themed zone and found it to be quite dirty!!!This is something like the Mocha kind of joint with a similar crowd and similar setting. If the food served is good, this could go on to be the 'hangout' that it aspires to be!

Elementz is off Greme's road, on the same side as Apollo Hopitals, and can also be reached by taking a left after Tuscana pizzeria and two small lefts after that! 

Food  7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10, cleanliness 4/10
Price 7/10