Right at the entrance of Globus store, a small pink stall catches your attention with its name - Crepe. Now I have not had the chance to have a crepe, especially in a little stall, anywhere in Chennai so this came as a welcome surprise, at least concept wise.

We decide to take the plunge and after a couple of frankies from the next stall, we headed here and ordered two crepes and a drink. The first one, La Nutella was amazing. First of all the crepe by itself was perfect. The well trained chap pours the batter on the hot tawa and skillfully uses a stick to spread it and create the perfect circle, once its all done, he smears the filling and folds it to give you, among the finest road side crepes outside of France (Ok, not exactly, but you get the point). The second crepe, the sugar sprinklers, was average, though I found out later that it was on the menu (and priced at Rs 25) only to attract people to the concept, which is fair. The Sugar Sprinkler was too dry for my liking and in the bargain, the crepe gets hard too. Our drink called Jungle Rumble or something like that, with blueberry strawberry mango and pineapple I think and was again extremely well done and I will have it the next time I get here. Most crepes are priced at about Rs 45 and the drinks similarly!!!!

I would love to go back and try other crepes and drinks and I believe the promoter has a lot of passion for food and its amazing to be able to bring a crepe stall to the streets of Chennai. Having a stall on the premises of Globus has its pluses too and I believe this little creperie can go a long way.

Food 8/10
Ambiance Not applicable
Price 7/10
Service NA


I have gone there a million times now!!! I still think the la Nutella is the best, but the choco banana and  the desi jamun are right up there!!!! The chicken crepe was also very good, but the french fries and the sandwiches are alright! The jungle rumble is the best of the drinks and I would stick to that!