Crimson Chakra

Located in a quiet residential area in Adyar, Crimson Chakra can startle you with almost everything it offers. A beautiful Kerala style house with a good layout of chairs, an alley of seating facing the waddle pool with some falls and a quiet private dining area all put together in one of the best ambiances among restaurants in Chennai is what makes up Crimson Chakra. Add good food to the above and it roars out loud to be among the best restaurants in Chennai.

Owned by (I think) Suresh Menon (Pudhiya Mugam fame), this place is a must visit for every foodie (or anyone who eats) in Chennai of visiting Chennai. You need reservations on most days, so do so to avoid disappointment. You could even ask to sit by the pool or choose the private dining area with a dedicated butler to pamper you! 

The menu has two parts to it, the Kerala part and the menu of Cornucopia. I am not sure if both are owned by the same person, but Cornucopia is a great restaurant by itself too so the food here is good, immaterial of which part of the menu you order from. We ordered 3 starters- Melagu fried potato, Karuvapillai fried prawns and chicken cubes. The french fried dipped in the spicy and superb mix was an amazing twist to the routine french fries and I loved it. The prawns were fresh, tasty and extremely well made while the chicken cubes ((I forgot the name of the dish) was very good too. It was a great start to the meal. For main course we had Aapams and rice with Kerala chicken gravy and another white gravy. The aapams were super soft in the center with crisp borders, was PERFECT and went very well with the two gravys. Avoid ordering too many of the Kerala style gravies as they all taste similar and get yourselves one Kerala style and one Chettinad or Nandan or something like that to add some variety to your side dishes. We finished off the meal with the (I forgot the name again, but you can ask the waiter for the description and he will get it for you) choco something which is basically a vanilla ice cream with a thick chocolate border and tastes great- this was the only dish we took off from the Cornucopia menu and since I have had it in Cornucopia I ordered this with confidence, the second dish being adapradhaman, a typical Kerala sweet which was awesome too. (Yeah, the dish is called Mud Pie - Thanks Smitha for pointing it out)
I just loved the food, the ambiance, the service and everything about this place. The total cost for 4 came to Rs 2450 which is alright for such wonderful food, I remember paying the same at some Breeze hotel coffee shop for the same group of 4 people!!!!!

Food - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 9.5/10
Service- 7/10
Price- 8/10

Crimson Chakra is located in Gandhi Nagar, on the same road as Gandhinagar Club.