Blur Cafe, the cafe at Blur, Satyam Cinemas strengthens the fact that Satyam is spot on with anything that they add to their Cinemas (except the soft drinks maybe)! With brilliant screens, a state of the art video games parlour, a fantastic dessert cafe, a great Indian cuisine restaurant, it is no surprise that the Blur Cafe is a brilliant eat out! There are a few glitches, but for the most part, Blur Cafe is brilliant!

Water is served in beautiful tall glasses, but the fruit juices are served in paper cups! Duh!!! But beyond this, the food is so good that you forget the small things, if the small things were right, this would compete for a fine dining status! The interiors are bright and welcoming and the furniture is unique.

We were a group of 6 looking for some food on Sunday night and we quickly settled ourselves into a nice comfortable corner. We ordered some fried prawns and dragon chicken for starters, and one pasta, one chicken sandwich, one beef sandwich, one chicken noodles with oriental chicken combo and one spinach lasagna. The starters were as good as they get, and except for the lasagna, everything was brilliant. The pasta was very good (and probably the best outside of expensive fine dining Italian restaurants in Chennai), the sandwiches were filling and the noodles combo was a great idea. The lasagna was alright, though the wife thought it was very good, I would say I have had better!

In my previous visit to Blur, I have had their thin crust pizza and I must say that they were decent, but a dish called the Lemon Butter Fish was simply amazing, I could compare it with a similar dish at Azulia, a 5 star restaurant at triple the cost! Blur has perfected the cafe menu and are consistent with their servings and so is a reliable place to head to for a meal. Service was good enough and the prices were pocket friendly. The above cost us Rs 1020, which is very good by any standards for 6 people (not so hungry people)!!!!

Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 9/10

Blur Cafe is the cafe at the 5th Level of Satyam Cinemas!