Tuscana Breakfast!!!!!!

While Tuscana was extremely good in patches in my opinion, their breakfast menu which opened up a couple of weeks back kind of lived up to my expectations!

A small spread of 4 juices, 3 cereals, 3 sweet breads (today's menu had Cinnamon rolls, plain croissants and another quite tasty bread), one bread roll, a selection of cheese and cold cuts on the spread, a small fruit basket, some yogurt with jam and a huge menu of hot items that are served on the table, can leave you having a satisfied breakfast! You get to choose one hot item from the menu which has some excellent options for both vegetarians and the carnivores!!!

The table spread can be used as starters to the breakfast with the hot dish being the main course! Among the various stuff, I chose (like most of the group) the Lamb patty, which is served with hash browns, a garlic bread, some baked beans and herbed tomato! This dish was extremely good to say the least and quite filling thanks to the lamb! The hash browns were not the best, but it just about complemented the fantastic lamb and the wonderful crusty garlic bread! The herbed tomato was decent and the baked beans was straight out of the 'Heins' container, so not much to comment about on that front! My friends had a soupy pasta which turned out to be equally filling and tasty, whereas the salmon did not leave a good taste! My friend commented "Looks like my Salmon was swimming in the Dead Sea - Its so salty!" Another friend commented that the bacon he had was too good to share and so I did not get  to taste it! I did not have an opportunity to taste the veg dishes either as the vegetarians were sitting far away!!!!!!

Tuscana's coffee is extremely good and now we hear that they use a blend of coffee and so the unique taste! I had mine with some cinnamon shavings, but I would choose their cold coffee with chocolate any day as I simply love that!!!!

Priced at Rs 450 per head for the spread and a choice of one dish from the 'Hot menu' and coffee, it might seem expensive, but the hot dish is quite big and filling and the table spread can fill the rest of the space in your tummy, so its good for a meal!

Their service and ambiance has been commented earlier, so I will refrain from making comments again! Do check out the review of their regular menu for more!

Update 25/5/2010, I was informed today that the breakfast service has been withdrawn!