Set in a small, but elegant place on the Elliots Beach, Chennai, this is a great location for any restaurant/bistro whatever! This place is on the first floor, it has a small outdoor seating and another small air conditioned indoor seating. View is amazing as you can see the beach and water and is definitely romantic!

But the food is far from satisfactory (at least on the day I was there). We ordered chicken hot dog, lemon butter sauce prawns, 'Aachi Chicken' and BBQ chicken wings! The chicken wings was alright, mainly because the readymade sauce they use is flavorful and saves the dish, while the chicken hot dog was big and decent. The aachi chicken which is some kind of fusion stroganhoff, was pretty bad and the prawns were pathetic! For a beach side restaurant, you really cannot have an excuse to serve bad sea food!

The setting being so good, I would want to try the place once again, but I am not motivated enough! Service was ok, nothing to complain about and pricing was like a coffee shop, so not much!

Food  4/10
Service 5/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 6/10

Mash is located on the first floor, on the Adyar end of Besant Nagar beach.