This is without doubt, among the best Thai restaurants, if not the best, in Chennai. You enter a nice old house style place, with nice vegetable carvings to welcome you! The ambiance is first class and the waiters smart! This has been around for ages and has maintained the quality and taste of food during this time. I love the betal leaves they serve as appetizers with a wide range of herbs and spices to fill and make your own!

On this visit, we ordered some Tom Yam soup, the famous chicken wrapped in a leaf and some corn cutlets! Some people cannot stand tom yam soup, but if you like it, this is close to the best you can get! To me, this is a perfect Tom Yam soup! The chicken wrapped in leaves are their specialty and needless to say, they were awesome! The corn cutlets were decent too!!!

For the main course, we had one 'Phan tai' I think it was, which is noodles, Thai fried rice, stir fried prawns, chicken and some semi gravy lamb! The noodles were very little in quantity but tasted great, the fried rice was ok, but the lamb, chicken and the prawns were awesome! I do not remember the names of the chicken and the lamb, but I must say that most of their dishes are pretty much the same! The base sauce used is very similar in all their dishes and so the quality and the taste are usually comparable and consistent! All of this cost us Rs 2350, so at about 600 per head, this is on the expensive side!

Great food, great ambiance, a tad similar taste in most of their dishes (I am not sure if this isa good thing or bad),  but overall a great place to go for Thai food, if the Lotus (The Park) is too expensive for you! Definitely pricy, but cheaper than the Lotus with comparable quality and taste.

Food          8/10
Ambiance   8/10
Service       7/10
Price           7/10

Benjarong is on TTK Road, a short distance from the 'Out' gate of Park Sheraton Hotel.