ID aka Idly Dosa

ID aka Idly Dosa is one of the restaurants at the Satyam Cinemas and it can give any full fledged restaurant a run for its money.

Located on the first floor, it’s a great place to have 
your dinner before the movie (but get there early as waiting times can be chilling) or after it!  The restaurant has an open kitchen, a bar like seating area around the chefs and a regular seating area.

I always like the bar part, as you can order your food to the chef straight away and you get to chat with him and see him make some perfect dosas and vadas.

Being a full service South Indian eatery, it serves some great stuff. The most eye catching of it is the Ulundu Vada (the vada with the hole). Probably the best of its kind in Chennai, this vada does not drip a single drop of oil and you do not feel like eating a heart attack! Tastes great, non greasy and wholesome. The trick is in the proportion of the ingredients and the temperature of the oil reveals the chef.

The various dosas, idlies and the likes are amazing. I was not too fond of their appams, but that’s a very personal thing and most people are quite happy. The lassi here is non consistent,  I have had fantastic lassi and no so fantastic ones, but most items are fabulous here!

The atmosphere and ambiance are classy, neat tables,  nice bar stools and clean chefs with food being prepared right in front of you. Above average service and slightly premium prices, but hey, this is inside Satyam and its cheaper than Saravana Bhavan with a classy touch to it!

Food            8/10
Service        7/10
Ambiance  7/10
Price            7/10

ID is located on the first floor of the Satyam Theatre complex near Mount Road.