Holy Smoke

After hearing about the 'rock' sizzler concept emulating 'On the rocks' from Park Sheraton, I knew I had to visit this place soon! And so when a bunch of people wanted to meet, I tricked them to come here. The place is an example of what good interiors can do to a place. This is the same place that had the 'Sweet Chariot' cafe, but looks completely different with a full make over! Decent, well done interiors and a few cozy corners in the ground floor for the romantics!

We ordered about 4 starters, 3 sizzlers, 1 burger and 1 pasta. I do not remember the exact names of the starters, but they were all decent both in portions and in taste. The mexican tortilla formed the base for 3 of the 4 starters and the corn filling, chicken filling and the mixed veg fillings were all good enough!

For the main course, we had an Arabian Chicken Sizzler, a Madras Curry Sizzler, and Chicken Stroganhoff and another chicken sizzler. The sizzlers are all served with a small portion of herbed rice, beans, carrot and a decent portion of gravy. The Arabian Chicken sizzler was with 1 large piece of chicken leg, potato wedges and the above. It was decent, but being priced at Rs 340 I definitely think it was small portion! The madras curry sizzler was more of a masala dosa with fried idlies served on a sizzler rock, tasted good, but again over priced. The chicken stroganhoff was nice and different, with a soaked bread base along with the traditional rice and the stroganhoff chicken on top. The dishes are served on a hard thick base instead of the thin sizzler, but is in NO WAY comparable to the concept of 'On the rocks' where the food is cooked right in front of you on the rock!

The chicken burger was very good, small diameter but tall and the patty was excellent. The pasta was alright, definitely not bad!

For desserts we had a custard pudding served with ice cream and a chocolate brownie with ice cream. The first one was excellent, while the brownie (served on a pineapple) was not fresh at all and spoilt the dish.

Service was pretty good. No complaints on that front and the food kept coming quickly, maybe because there were only 3 full tables. Will have to go back on a full day and see how the service and taste of food is when they have lesser time to pay attention to individual tables. But I certainly think the sizzlers are over priced for the quantity and size. KOBE sizzlers are also pricing it the same way. but alteast there one sizzler will kind of fill you. Maybe we have to get ready to spend more on food now.

Price          5/10
Ambiance  7/10
Service      7/10
Food         7/10.

Holy Smoke is located in Ishpahani Center on Nungambakkam high road, in the same shop that used to host 'Sweet Chariot'