Coffee Central

As you enter Coffee Central, something about this place catches your attention. Is it the setting? It is the arrangement? Is it the interiors? Well, I figured what catches your attention (at least for me) was its familiarity. But what is so familiar about a corner coffee shop? Located in a cosy corner in T. Nagar, this place is almost out of FRIENDS!!!! A good mix of couches, sofas and tables, this can easily pass off as a trendy hangout!
Unfortunately, the most important aspect of a coffee shop, the coffee, is not at its best here and therefore this place kind of loses out big time. A cold coffee, a hot coffee and basic sandwich all of which were very average. The cold coffee was very light and too watery for my liking while the hot coffee was ok. In fact if I cannot taste too much chocolate in a chocolate flavored coffee, then where else can I? Sandwiches are alright.

The place was almost deserted, at 645 in the evening when coffee shops are supposed to be bustling, this place was pretty empty.

I am not too sure I will go back for the place, unless I am around the corner and desperately want something to eat. Except for the interiors, nothing else catches my attention.

Food 5/10
Service 5/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Coffee Central is located at the G N Chetty road end of North Boag Road, in T. Nagar.