Banana Leaf

For a place that has been around for quite sometime and changing locations a couple of times, this is has never interested me all these years! But having heard from a friend that he was quite shocked at how good the food was, I had to go there and I did so, taking him and two other people along.

Their new location in Alwarpet, near Benjarong, cannnot be missed easily. Its nice and big, with space to part about 8 cars comfortably and looks like they have a party hall on top as well and maybe even a few rooms as I believe they serve alcohol here.

We started off with chicken drumsticks, fried fish and Aattu Kaal soup! The soup blew my mind to be honest. It took me back to my childhood days when my grandmom used to make this soup lovingly and these people seemed to have stolen THAT recipe! The chicken drumsticks were alright and so was the fish! The main course was brilliant in parts. The Aapam and Paya was AWESOME. Aapams were perfectly crisp in the corners, soft and fluffy in the center and paya was what is ought to be! Chicken Kothu parota was good too, though not perfect, while the mutton biriyani was, well, I might be biased here as I am from a muslim family having eaten almost perfect biriyani a number of times. The biriyani served was the South Indian biriyani and my friends seemed to have enjoyed it, while I thought it was ok.

Not much options in the dessert section though and we decided to skip it. Service was decent, nothing to complain about and the ambiance was also alright. Prices were between 90 and 150 for the main dishes and 2 appams were priced at Rs 40. The Indian foods there are well above average and is worth considering when you want to have simple homestyle Indian foods.

Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 5/10
Price 6/10

Banana leaf is located in Alwarpet, just beyond the 'Out' gate of the Park Sheraton Hotel.