Ente Keralam

Searching for either Thai or Kerala food, we set out on a Sat evening, trying to get a seat in a decent restaurant. With Benjarong having a waiting time of 1 hour, we roamed around and finally managed to get a seat at Ente Keralam. Not really in a mood for big spending, we told ourselves that the pricing on the menu looks fine and that we should be able to eat well and not have our banks crying out loud! The ambiance was inviting. Tables were arranged well, and with it being a house, there were pockets of places where you have adequate privacy. We were shown our table which was the only one in that small landing area of the stairs on the first floor. We were amused to find a 'Maami' kind of lady making hot hot aapams (for the ignorant ones, aapam is a kind of rice pancake with a soft centre and crisp edges)right next to our table! Then we sat debating what to eat and we saw something called the 'Silver Platter' priced at Rs 685 right on top of the Starters page. We ca

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