A pretty unassuming restaurant, located quietly in small bylane in T.Nagar, Mouthful does conjure up some mouth watering exotic dishes without burning deep holes in your pocket. As you enter the restaurant, almost nothing catches your eye. A small ice cream stall outside, a tandoor counter and a few people waiting are all part of most restaurants today. A pleasant waiter seats and presents the not so outstanding looking menu and looks at you till you politely remind him that you do not know the menu by heart and that you need sometime to make your choice. Open the menu and BANG. Quite a few 'exotic' names come up. The Raan being one of them. There are a couple of other restaurants in the city that serve pretty good raan, but I have not seen any of them offer a choice of marinades. Most restaurants marinate one piece of the leg piece (a lamb's leg piece mind you) and hope that they sell off, so if some one has ordered a raan, then you have to try your luck the next time.

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