601-The Park

601, the 24 hour coffee shop at THE PARK has had a history of fluctuating reviews and opinions, but on the Sunday that I landed there, I caught them on their good days I guess, as I was taken through a wonderful food experience.

4 adults and 1 kid we were, extremely hungry as we were heading for a late lunch at about 4 PM! We were seated with no hassles and ordered some fresh orange juice to start our meal. We skipped the starters and headed straight to the main course and ordered a barrage of sea food stuff- boiled lobster, roasted salmon, grilled tiger prawns with crab cakes, fish n chips, one kids meal- fried fish, and one land animal- tenderloin steak!

The lobster was shown to us and at 515 grams, was the perfect size for meal that was not too expensive, I am not particularly in favor of lobsters greater than 1 kg in size! This lobster was boiled to the PERFECT consistency and flavor- some great lemon garlic and cheese, and this is definitely among the best lobsters I have eaten world wide! The grilled prawns were fantastic and so were the crab cakes. The roasted salmon was very bad- the fish was not fresh, had a funny smell, was served with a barrage of salads and nothing else and was a bad order. The beef tenderloin awesome and the caramelized beet root and the baked cheese that was served with it were brilliant too.The fried fish for the kid was pretty good, but the fish n chips was not great at all, it was just a fish fillet dipped in flour and fried and there are much better ones in Chennai, but the other 3 dishes really blew our minds!

We were so full that we did not have space for desserts. The place is definitely expensive, the above dishes coming up to Rs 7200! Service was average as it was an odd time to be at a restaurant, but hey this is 24 hour coffee shop in a star hotel, so I did expect more!

Food 8/10 for the 4 good dishes, 5/10 for the other two!
Ambiance 7/10
Price 6/10
Service 6/10

601 is the 24 hour coffee shop at THE PARK hotel on Nungambakkam High Road!