The Chennai market for Kerala cuisine is heating up with the entry of Thatukada, from the same group that already owns Ente keralam! The segment is entirely different with Thatukada serving entirely what seems to be Keralite Street food!

Having heard wonderful news about the place, 4 of us hunted it down in the Planet Yumm at the Spencers and found place in the restaurant's dedicated seating area. No ambiance to talk about, this is street kind of food with a 3 star price and found (at least to date) only in food courts!

We ordered Parota with chicken gravy, egg masala and koli porichadhu, 2 idiyappams and some extra parota. The dishes are all served with either 2 parotas or 2 idiyappams! The chicken gravy was heavenly and the chicken porichadhu was drenched in coconut oil giving it fantastic fragrance and taste! The egg masala was very average and the idiyappams were equally average! But the wonderful and soft Malabar parotas more than make up for it! We ordered two more sets of koli porichadhu and we were done.

A number of other dishes like Ada and Kerala vada are available only between 4 and 6 PM and I guess I have to get back there to try these sometime! Most of the combos are priced between Rs 75 and Rs 95 including 2 parotas. Extra parotas are priced at Rs 12 or so.

Good place for a quick bite into Kerala's coconut oil!!!

Food 7/10
Price 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance - Ambiance of whichever food court you are in!