Chin Chin

This is a very old restaurant at THE RESIDENCY hotel in T Nagar. A pretty neat place with a dedicated fan following till a few years when the quality dwindled and then the whole hotel was renovated! 4 of us decided on a rendezvous with Chin Chin and what a surprise it turned out to be! The place looks smaller than the old restaurant, but elegantly decorated, though they could have done much better, considering the whole hotel underwent renovation. The tables were too close to each other and we were lucky to be at the top end, otherwise except for the family tables, privacy is a compromise!

We are talking about good food and not 'authentic' Chinese, so please do not expect the review to be based on authenticity, but just good Indo-Chinese fare! We started of 1/2 portion each of Hot n Sour soup and Sweet corn chicken soup and both were fabulous! The starters included a portion each of dragon chicken, phuket fish and crispy fried lamb. The chicken was great, cooked to perfection, the lamb was the best of the starters with a fantastic crispy consistency, while the phuket fish was fresh, well made and tasted great!

For the main course, we had chicken noodles, mixed fried rice and chilly chicken. All three were decent, nothing much to talk about, but were of good portions and tasted good. We finished with fried ice cream and date pancakes. The date pancakes were fantastic and definitely among the best in Chennai. I am presuming that all the Chinese restaurants in Chennai are sourcing the fried ice creams from one supplier, for otherwise I can't explain why would they all taste the same!!!! It was pretty much like how it is served in most other places.

Price was 4 star, the total for the above items coming to Rs 2350.Service was a little slow, but table service was alright, however they really have to improve a few notches in the service department. The bill took ages to come. The place was not packed on a Saturday evening and I guess the news of the rejuvenated restaurant has not yet passed around! Would definitely like to go back there for good Chinese. Cascade in Numgambakkam now has competition!!!

Food 8/10
Service 6/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 7/10

Chin Chin is the Chinese restaurant of THE RESIDENCY HOTEL, in T. Nagar, Chennai