Tandoori Thadaka

Another kebab outlet in town, this place really does pack a punch. After deciding not to take the 45 minute at the other new place, Cave restaurant, the three of us headed here at 9 PM, park our cars and get onto the restaurant located on the first floor. A brand new ambiance greets us, complete with lighted tables, a buffet spread, bright location and brimming waiters! We were asked if we wanted the buffet priced at Rs 275 or 'a la karte' and we chose the latter as we wanted to try out a few things at this place.

We were given a 'welcome drink' that tasted like a drop of pineapple syrup in a glass of water and we we thought that this is another fancy place with average food. After ordering mango lassi that tasted like great lassi, but with no hint of mango, I call the guy, who appears to be the owner or the guy in charge and tell him that I wanted mango lassi. He comes back in a minute and told me that the mangoes were 'too ripe' to make lassi with and they had only one mango that was used in my lassi. I told him to just give me the lassi that was served to me (make no mistake, the lassi tasted great), and we thought 'Man, this is really just fancy setting and food is going to be very average'.

Nothing was further from the truth! The starters that we ordered, the Tangdi Kebab, the Shamyiya Kebab and the Jhinga Kebab were juicy, succulent, soft, tender and all the adjectives that you can describe 'good' with, put together. The Tangdi kebab as we all know is chicken legs, the Shayiya kebab was described as lamb chops, but in reality we were served with lamb cutlets that were stunning! The Jhinga Bara Bar, was a prawn cocktail with large prawns and tasted great! We went ahead and ordered one more starter, the Nawabi kebab, which was boneless pieces of chicken grilled to perfection! The rumali roti and the chicken gravy were alright though with nothing special to mention about them.

The desserts were awesome too, with the kheer being superb and the kulfi served with sweet rice extremely tasty! The carrot halwa had nothing special in it, but was decent though. Price was on the higher side, with starter being priced between Rs 150 and Rs 325 and main courses similarly priced. The total bill for 3 of us, with 4 starters, 3 lassis, 3 rumali rotis, 1 main side dish and 3 desserts came up to Rs 1675. We had nothing to complain against the service, however the restaurant was only half full with half of those present helping themselves with the buffet! If the place can maintain the quality of the food being served, they should be a force to reckon with in the food scene of Chennai!

Food 8/10
Price 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 7/10
Tandoori Thadaka is located on North Usman Salai, beyond Joy Alukas showroom on the same side, on the first floor.