Sandy's Chocolate Factory

Ok, Not much to write about as I only tasted two dishes as we were kinda full......

But going by what we had, this place could turn out to be a stunner, expensive one at that.

We had something called the HappyJack. It is a chocolate concoction with (amongst a lot of other things), peanut butter, cream and yes, you guessed it, loads of chocolate. It is served with a test tube (yes) of chocolate sauce and two YUMMY YUMMY chocolate cookies!!!!

And then the chocolate fondue. I did think that the portion of chocolate on the fondue was kind of small, but it was almost enough to dip 5 decent sized portions of bread, about 10 pieces of green apple cubes, another 10 pieces of chocolate brownie and a few pieces of sliced banana. It is served (like any other fondue) on fire and then he comes and pours a shot of vodka on top, which creates short span of fire right on top of the chocolate (guess the vodka evaporates in no time) as the fire dies out pretty quickly!! And the dip tastes like heaven!!!!!

The fondue was priced at Rs 180 and the Happyjack at Rs 150!!

The place can only seat about 10, but I guess that it was premeditated. High class seating and wonderful music in the background. You get a whole lot of chocolate sauces and stuff on sale, most of which will ask for your last 3 years' IT returns!

I am going back there soon with an empty stomach!!!!!!

Sandy's is housed on........I dont know the name of the road, but this is how you get there. After the Park Sheraton Junction (with the ENTRY on your left), go straight and turn right at the next junction and then take the first left (you can see a small sign board, could miss it at night). You cant miss it from there.