Moon Raker's

A simple ground+2, shack near the beach is all you can describe this place! With wonderful sea breeze and seafood grill with beer, this is all you might want for a Saturday night dinner or a lazy Sunday lunch if you are in Mahabs for a weekend get away or if you are willing to drive all the way for such a combination!

6 of us (1 poor vegetarian was sorry, shocked and was probably kicking himself for joining us, what with us tearing apart whole grilled stuff. We warned him ahead though, but he chose to accompany us)

So for the remaining 5, we ordered one LARGE POMPFRET, one Medium Lobster, 1 Portion of Tiger Prawns, 10 Parathas, 2 egg fried rice and one chilly chicken.

The large fish was LAAAARRRGGEE!!!!! About, 1 foot long and priced at Rs 800. We asked for the usual 'home' masala, which was smeared fully on the fish and the whole fish was grilled! Ditto with the Lobster and the Tiger Prawns, which were priced at Rs 350 and Rs 450 (for 2 pieces) respectively! All of them tasted great and eating the same marinade on different kinds and tastes of seafood was exhilarating! The prawns and the lobsters were the best and fish was superb for the most part, but since it was very big (and pretty thick), the marinade did not seep through to the entire depth of the fist and that was the only complaint, but it was other wise great.

Nothing much to talk about the parathas, the fried rice as they were the usual stuff. We did not treat them as main course, only as side dishes!!!! The chilly chicken was unusually tasty on that particular day and I would recommend it for a slight drift from an avalanche of sea food.

One of the few places, where you get to have beer with grilled food at not so expensive prices and beer drinkers would totally enjoy the experience. At Rs 400 per head, with 3 of them having beers, this is totally worth it!!!

A few tips though,

1. The prices of the fish, prawns and lobsters are NEGOTIABLE. So ask the guy to bring you the raw fish, see which fish you like and negotiate the price with him!

2. Don't try the above for chilly chicken or friend rice or you might get thrown out!

3. If you are a vegetarian, please avoid the place.

4. Try to get a seat on the first or second floor near the balcony. With wonderful sea breeze and superb grill, it is a paradise.

5. Do not expect 5 star service, (obvious, isn't it, when I mentioned BARGAIN) or a wonderful ambiance. It is a shack located away from the beach.

6. Try not to order supra big fishes. The marinades do not seep in well. Order 2 small fishes for the same price.

7. Stick with the 'home masala' or Lemon Coriander or Herbs n Tomato marinades. The chefs are not deft with other marinades, and so might not be able to satisfy your tastes.

8. If you are looking for fried rice with fish as side dish, avoid this place. This is a place for grilled whole fish and seafood.

Food- 8/10
Service- 6/10
Price- 8/10

Moonraker's is located in Mahab, near Chennai. As soon as you enter Mahabs, take the first 'Big' left, opp a large sweet shop.