Karma Cafe

A nice cosy place on St Mary's road, this places serves up something like comfort fast foods!!! A rare breed indeed, this tiny place,which can seat only about 10 people, serves great sandwiches and superb desserts and some other eats too.

Amongst the food, their sandwiches win hands down. The redemption sandwich which has 3 different types of chicken in it with generous amounts of mayo and veggies is a great order if you're hungry. While the grilled chicken and bbq chicken sandwiches are not bad, the au gratin sandwich is a great find for the herbivores!

The pastas and the risottos are alright,but a couple of them, the risotto arabiana for the spicy generation and the pasta bologonese can pass off as decent ones.I have not tried their burgers yet, but I was told that they are alright too.

They serve desserts from Sinful and they are something to die for. The German chocolate cake is a sensational cake while the cheese cake is awesome too. The tiramisu is delightful and most other desserts have a great quality attached to their taste.

A nice little place which (like most other cafes these days) also sells t shirts and mugs, great sandwiches and wonderful desserts.

Price 7/10
Atmosphere 5/10
Service 8/10
Food 8/10

Karma cafe is located on St Mary's Road in Alwarpet, a few furlongs beyond the Rain Tree Hotel away from the Park Sheraton Hotel.