A pretty unassuming restaurant, located quietly in small bylane in T.Nagar, Mouthful does conjure up some mouth watering exotic dishes without burning deep holes in your pocket.

As you enter the restaurant, almost nothing catches your eye. A small ice cream stall outside, a tandoor counter and a few people waiting are all part of most restaurants today. A pleasant waiter seats and presents the not so outstanding looking menu and looks at you till you politely remind him that you do not know the menu by heart and that you need sometime to make your choice.

Open the menu and BANG. Quite a few 'exotic' names come up. The Raan being one of them. There are a couple of other restaurants in the city that serve pretty good raan, but I have not seen any of them offer a choice of marinades. Most restaurants marinate one piece of the leg piece (a lamb's leg piece mind you) and hope that they sell off, so if some one has ordered a raan, then you have to try your luck the next time. However mouthful offers you not one, not two, but three different marinades of raan-the Moroccan Spiced Raan, The honey glazed raan and the Afghani raan. We were told that on that day, the lamb was relatively smaller and that they could give us one for half the price and we took one Moroccan and one honey glazed raan. The menu offers a range of whole cooked chicken in the same flavors and a few more exotic dishes. The places also serves mukthaba (a malaysian paratha), regular western frontier foods and the usual multicuisine (read, does not belong to any particular cuisine) too.

I am not too sure about the authenticity of the Moroccan flavors as yours truly has not travelled to Morocco, but I assure you that the Lamb Leg tastes great. Succulent, juicy, tasty are all the adjectives that you can use to have a taste of this lamb 'Leg piece'. The honey glazed raan was equally tasty and the fact that on a weekday, I saw quite a few of these leg pieces move from the kitchen to various tables, does testify its taste. The honey glazed chicken was equally tasty and is served with some sweet pulao. We also ordered some butter chicken masala and another house special gravy and an assortment of naans, parathas and roti's.

Talk of dessert and again a few exotic names come up. Burj-Al-Arab and Amazon forest are two catchy names and live up to expectations as well. While the Burj is a large tower glass with four scoops of ice creams and nuts and the works, the Amazon forest is tall, but flat on top bowl, with six different scoops of ice creams, again with the works.

The place also serve Tandoor Bakra which is a WHOLE ROASTED LAMB. Costs about 4k, but you have to place your order atleast 8 hrs earlier with 50% advance payment. Would love to try that!

A pretty satisfying meal and with the bill coming up to Rs 1894 for 6 people, it is not a bad deal at all!

Service is not five star, but very polite and courteous at that. The matron does know the dishes well and the tastes match what he explains.

Food -8/10
Ambiance- 5/10
Service 7/10

Mouthful is located in T.Nagar. take the road bang opp, the Rohini internationl on G.N.Chetty road, take the first right. It is about a 100 meters into the road, next to Green Trends.