Kefe-Taj Mount Road

If you want to propose to somebody, or add some kick into your marriage, here is a place to head to! A beautiful pool, a pool side bar, very very well done lighting and cool breeze! The small inside setting is well lit and has this European decor to it, but the pool side is the better half of this resto.

I must say that this was one of the best eating experiences of my life (US included)! The food, the ambiance and the services were simply out standing. I know this is a new hotel, but i hope the service stays this way!

The menu was a set 6 course Greek Moroccan Lebonese meal with unlimited mocktails and pita bread. As usual we stuffed ourselves with the wonderful pita bread, though the waiter warned us that we will be full by the end of the meal, and by the time the main course arrived, we were pretty stuffed. We took a nice long walk and came back to have the main course.

The pita bread was baked to perfection and served with herbed mayo, plain mayo, onions in vinegar, green olives and a spicy tomato dip for you to make your choice and stuff with whatever suits your taste buds! Among the mocktails, the iced cappuchio was a revelation. It was something unique and blend was a new taste altogether! The apple and cranberry was alright, but the litchie martini was out of the world!

The food is served in typical French Style, with large plates, small portions and a dash of reduced vinegar on the sides of the dishes. I am not sure if Greek and Moroccan food is served this way, but Lebonese food is definitely not served this way, so it was interesting to eat such food in French Portions! But do not let the portions fool you, as by the end of the meal, you are more than stuffed!

The chef decided to serve us some complimentary 'pre starter' as we were waiting for a few friends. It was a tiny pancake stuffed with something inside which was pretty alright, but that size is what fooled us and made us gorge on the pita bread!

For starters you have a choice of hot mezzie something and cold mezzie something. Both were heavenly, a kind of bread stuffed with minced meat and served with dips.
The moroccan lamb soup was like our dhal, served with minced lamb, but it was tasty nevertheless, but just a bit more familiar. The salads served were a mixed seafood salad that had squids and prawns, the chicken salad stuffed in pita bread and a minced lamb in Humus paste (Humus is a mediterranean, Arabian dish, a kind of a garlic paste). The humus was simply amazing and with the small amount of minced lamb cooked to perfection, it was a revelation.

This was followed by the grills. We had a choice of Chicken Shwarma, Moroccan Lamb, Asian Turkey (or chicken). We were offered the option to take a mixed grill which is a small portion of all of the above and needless to say that is what we chose! The schwarma was alright, but the chicken and the lamb were out of the world. The lamb meat was overcooked, but it retained its flavor and with the herbs on top, it was amazing. The chicken grill was definitely not bad and was fully consumed by us!

The chef then gave us a kind Greek Alcohol that is supposed to ease the tummy. (When we told our waiter that he was right about the quantity and that we were getting full, this was served). I do not know what went into that tiny serving in a large wine glass, but it was again, heavenly. For all I know, there was some sonf in that sorbet and it really eased out our tummys and made some space for the others to follow. Apparently it is called Ouzo and is some famous Greek drink!

This was followed by the main course. We had the Prawn something, the Sear fish, Chicken something and Lamb something! The prawn dish was the best among the four choices. It was some kind of a 'puffs' stuffed with prawn and some kind of a sauce that goes extremely well with the whole dish. It was served with some rice and some humus paste. The sear fish was alright and so was the chicken, but again, the lamb was cooked to perfection here. Everything seemed like perfect.

Desserts were served next and we had the mixed platter and we served with semolina cake, baklava and some greek cake. The baklava was simply superb while the others were not bad!The meal ended with Greek coffee which was not bad either, but nothing special!

The service was extremely good, attentive and friendly. The waiter took the pains to explain each and every dish that was served to us!The meal set us back by Rs 1600 per head, but it was worth every penny that was spent.

All in all, it is a great place to go to. Full service will be available from Feb 2009 with a choice of international wines and the full menu.

Food 9.5/10

Ambiance 9.5/10

Service 9/10

Price 8/10

Kefe is the roof top pool side resto at the Taj Mount Road, located on the small road opp Spencers Junction.