Rain Forest

If I were to state that dinner at this restaurant was one of the best eating experiences of my life, I wouldn't be lying. Apparently they do not accept reservations on weekends and so I had to wait for 45 minutes, however being a group of 4 friends, time flew while we placed our orders while waiting. And this is the first time I am experiencing a restaurant actually serving free 7 Up for its patrons waiting to be seated. The atmosphere is brilliant. The place is dimly lit with fountains and stuffed dolls of animals all around. Its serene and lives up to its name of Rain Forest. There are speakers around which don't play music, but emit growling sounds. Indeed very well done! We placed our orders while we were waiting so as soon as we were seated, our food was served. We had Chicken Wanton and Tom Yam soup. The former was like in any other resto , but the Tom Yam here is very different from the ones I have had at noodle house, Lotus

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