Opal Inn

Once known for its steaks and 'Meal by itself' dishes, Opal Inn somehow went into hibernation for quite sometime. With reports that the place was not up to its mark and poor food and service complaints, I did not feel like visiting this 'once upon a time' restaurant. The last time I remember going there was in 2000, when I did not really enjoy the food. But last Saturday afternoon, after debating for a long time between Opal Inn and Sparky's, we tossed a coin to make the decision and headed to Opal Inn!

Soon as we entered, we could not help but notice the cleanliness of the place. The interiors were neat- definitely not like a worn out old restaurant! We were seated and we decided to order 3 'Meal by itself' and one of my friends wanted to try kulcha and gravy. I was surprised to find 'Diamon Grill', my 90's favourite from Opal Inn. We ordered one each of Diamon Grill, Devilled Prawns and Grilled Fish, with 2 kulchas and buttered vegetable gravy. The Diamon Grill was just as it was a decade back. Succulent pieces of lamb in a dark semi gravy served with flavored rice and boiled vegetables. The Devilled Prawns was equally yummy, served on a bed of spaghetti. The spaghetti was a little too oily for my liking, but the prawns were brilliant in quality, quantity and taste. In fact it was a little too filling, I would have rather liked 3/4th of the quantity of prawns served with some mashed potatoes/french fries and some boiled vegetables. The spaghetti needs quite a margin of improvement though. The grilled fish was like the ones served in most places, with french fries and boiled vegetables and was satisfying. The kulcha and gravy were pretty neat too on taste.

Pricing for the above dishes were slightly on the higher side and the final bill was Rs 1380 which is quite steep especially since we only ordered 4 dishes and 2 kulchas! Two main dishes were priced at Rs 320 each.

We did not have desserts there as there were only a few ice creams and one or two Indian sweets I guess, so we headed out for dessert. However going by the dishes we had, this place certainly retains a large chunk of its old charm and is well worth a visit and the service did not leave much to complain either.

Food 7/10

Service 7/10

Ambiance 6/10

Price 5/10

Opal Inn is located on Nungambakkam High Road in the premises of Hotel Ranjit, opp Ispahani Centre.