Fisherman's Fare

Located in the crowded Casa Major Road-Hall Road junction on Egmore just before the Don Bosco School, Fisherman's fare has carved a name for itself. Originally set out to serve good seafood, the place has evolved as a good source of comfort food spanning both sea and land food (no pun intented).  The chicken and lamb dishes are as good as their seafood and branding is probably they have not changed the name of the restaurant.

Fisherman's Fare serves good combo lunches for busy executives. The combos are well thought out, filling and well priced. For most of the East Asian and Tandoor combos, you have a choice of rice/noodles/naan with a small cup of gravy, a small portion of dry/semi gravy dish,  a small salad and a soft drink served in one go and priced between  Rs 140-Rs 170. The Indian combos are relatively cheaper between Rs 100-Rs 130 and served with Rice/Chapati, Gravy, Rasam, salad, pappad and a soft drink. The oriental combos are tastier and do justice to the price.

The month of Ramadhan is a special season for this place as it serves very good haleem, comparable with the one is Hyderabad. Chefs specially flown in from there prepare special Ramzan dishes like lukmi, badham kheer and of course- Haleem. The Haleem will be available from 4 PM onwards for take away and the restaurant opens at 6 for the special Ramzan menu, while the regular menu is available from 730 onwards. Haleem is a heavenly dish and for most people is an acquired taste, which people die for once they get the hang of it! 

Most other dishes are those that are found in multicuisine restaurants and you get decent portions of food.  

Among the desserts, the Qubani ka Meetha is a signature dish. Though slightly deviant from the original, it is by no means inferior. A good mix of figs in jaggery sauce and you can choose to have it plain, with cream or with ice cream. I prefer the plain one though! You have choices of other desserts with ice cream combinations which are not bad!

Service is inconsistent, great at times, average at times and sometimes they forget you exist. 

Ambiance is neat and convinient, though at some points, the tables are too close for privacy or comfort.

A neat place for comfort food and quick executive lunches that doubles up as a great Haleem serving place!

Food 7/10
Ambiance 6/10
Service 6/10

Fisherman's fare is located on Casa Major Road right next to the T Junction before Don Bosco High School!