Chances are you will find a Barista outlet every time you turn either left or right! Most outlets are eclectic and yeah, most of them have a guitar, however, only a few outlets have a guitar with all 6 strings intact! 

Onto the thing that matters, the choice of coffee here. Choices of coffee is quite wide with cappuchinos and cold coffees in a million flavors. My personal favourites are the Barista Blast which is a nice tall glass of cold coffee with chocolate sauce, ice cream and whipped cream. Apart from this, most other cold coffee is just, well, cold coffee in different flavors. I must say that the Hazelnut flavor is one of my favourites there, though the black currant is not bad either. They also serve decent Iced Tea in a couple of flavors and they are not great, but not bad either- passe. Hot coffee are really not my cup of 'tea' so I would refrain from commenting on them.

Among the short eats and cakes, the double chocolate and the chocolate excess cakes are too good to resist and when you have them with ice cream and some chocolate sauce on top, they are indeed sinful! Most other rolls and croissants and wraps are not great and are best avoided unless you are really hungry and craving for some 'food'.

Service is predominantly self service and the staff are friendly. If you do have a guitar that has all 6 strings and if you know to strum, this is a good add on.....esp if you are singing to your girl friend, but quite a few times you might find small groups just chilling out with guitar!

Coffee 7/10

Cakes 7/10

Short Eats 5/10

Ambiance 7/10

Barista is located in quite a few places in Chennai, the popular ones are the those on KNK Road, Nungambakkam, one on Nungambakkam High Road, a nice spacious one on G N Chetty Road, T. Nagar among others.