Bombay Blue

Another addition to Chennai's food scene, Bombay Blue managed to find a place right in the heart of the city. Located right next to the Alliance France on College Road, the place seems to be packed every time in spite of a number of bad reviews. I don't understand what the fuss is all about because I had a satisfying experience there.

We were a group of 4 really hungry guys, looking out for a nice Sat night dinner and decided to give this place a shot. 2 of us were against going there after reading a few reviews, but hey, I need to see how bad a new place is, or else I cannot be having a blog like this. So I forced them to get here. We had to wait for about 20 minutes, but they make you sit comfortably on their sit out, with nice chairs and a table even, so its a good place to chat around.

Once we got in and got the menu, we were dumb struck. This place is aspiring to serve a little bit of everything around the world. Right from pav bhaji to steaks, they have every cuisine on the menu. However you will only find as much as 4-5 dishes in each of the 'cuisines', so variety within the cuisine is virtually non existent.

We were definitely not in the mood to shell out Rs 150 for a pav bhaji on a Saturday night, so we decided to go with 'proper food'. Among the steaks there were only four options and all four were chicken. We ordered three of the four there and ordered one pizza. And for starters we had an Indian dish called some 'Vepudu'. Less than 10 minutes after placing the order, the Vepudu was on the table. That was quick. And it was also a nice dish. Decent portions (in a resto on College Road) for Rs 150 and well cooked . As we were in the middle of the starter, our main course started to arrive. My friend had the Meaty Steak (the first steak on the menu). For Rs 275, he got a nice chunky piece of chicken, 2 chicken hot dog rolls, 2 slices of salami and a few small pieces of steak ed chicken. All steaks are served with generous amounts of potato wedges, boiled veg, some french fries and plain noodles (yes, noodles). You can choose between noodles and boiled rice,but this is the first time I am having noodles with steak. I must say that this was a GOOD steak to have. My order was the second steak on the menu (I just can't remember those names). It was a thin sliced chicken pieces, decent portions and tasty. The third steak was a with bones, so it was not really a steak, but then, that sizzler was good too. That was a very different sauce and taste, so I guess, it was a completely different recipe that was placed on a sizzler (and served with the sizzler side dishes). The pizza was rather small, but I cannot complain about the taste at all.

For desserts we had sizzling brownie and an ice cream platter, both of which were disappointing, considering the wonderful standards and portions of food they served. The brownie was rather hard and the ice creams were just alright.

Service was very responsive, pretty quick service and courteous staff. Ambiance is alright except that at certain pockets of the restaurant, the tables are placed a little too close to each other.

Bottom line is that, if you probably choose the right dish here, you will be more than satisfied, however if you choose to pay a hefty price for pav bhaji (which will not beat your road side guy anyday), then that's your problem. Multiple cuisines, limited choices within cuisines, limited sea food choices, slightly pricy but very good portions of food.

Food (based on the sizzlers and pizza)- 7/10

Service- 7/10


Price- 6/10

Bombay Blue is located on College Road, right next to Alliance, on the same side as the design studios.