Bikes and Barrels

Placed on the first floor of Residency Towers on T. Nagar, this is a pretty sob re place for a drink and food, American Style. The place has two levels and any group without women only get to use the second level and I totally fail to understand why. A fairly neat ambiance, with a small party place on first level and a mezzanine second level from where you get to see some action below. Nothing brilliant, but very well organized with a nice huge Bike hanging from the ceiling.

Apparently their bar tenders are not the best in business and many a times, my friends instructed the bar tender on how they want their drinks after tasting his skills (or the lack of it) at the counter. And so, I always have my recipe for my mock tails as I don't trust their skills with that either.

However, their chefs, on the other hand, really know what they are doing. Food here is brilliant, has the best quantity among most places I have been to and in taste, it is on par with Zara and even the Leather Bar (at the Park). Among my favorites here are the Steak Fajitas, which though are served without tortillas, are quite tasty themselves. The Chicken Satenda is almost as good and all these Mexican dishes are served with some bread, Mexican rice and some chat vegetables. The fish n chips here is a good example of how it should be. The chicken tikka 'furry' is another fantastic Indian dish here, where the gravy and the chicken are served separately with some Indian bread, pulao and some Dal.

The quantity of food is excellent here and the music is brilliant. Food is not very expensive and is certainly worth the money you pay for both quality and quantity wise. For a teetotaler like me, I enjoy the mock tails and the grub food while my friend take on the drinks. A nice place for a Friday night chill out. Its packed on Saturdays like most good pubs with more techno and alternative music.


Price- 8/10


Bikes and Barrels is located on the first floor of Residency Towers on T. Nagar. You are expected to wear shoes to be allowed to enter.