The funny shaped building behind KNK Road houses Movenpick on the ground floor. Probably the most eclectic of the ice cream parlours, Movenpick has probably gone through the phases of fantastic starts followed by falling business and is now trying to resurrect its old charm.
The atmosphere is fantastic, with a mix of bar stools, regular tables, a library that is very private and cozy and an innovative floor seating. The place serves some brilliant ice creams and sorbets. In their bid to adapt to the markets, they even introduced sandwiches and paninis, none of which was received well by the crowd, though an occasional chicken panini is not a bad offering.
Coming back to what they originally set out to do-serve good ice creams, they have more than just managed it. A few years back when they first started out, this place served fantastic ice creams and sorbets with never heard before choice of flavours. Their strawberry, lime, walnut and hazelnut flavours were almost like eating the fruit (or nut as the case may be) itself. However their flagship is probably the sundaes. Coming in various sizes, shapes, options and accompaniments, these are a delight. You have sizes catering to a single person, a couple and up to even a group of 6. They will let you change the original ice creams and let you choose your own flavours which will be served with the accompaniments of the sundae. The sundae that has 6 scoops is served in a large bowl with lots of accompaniment and is a good 'bonding' experience if a group of friends want to catch up after a long time, though you will find a group of giggling girls going ga-ga over it and fighting over the scoops. Must be enjoyable!!!!!
You have a few cake options as well and their chocolate cakes are richly coated and 'sinful'. You have options of getting chocolate over your cake or vice-verse or however you want them served to you. They also have crepes, pancakes and waffles, and the Belgian waffle that is served with maple syrup is just simply amazing! Its crispy, large and ideally should be had with icecreams and toppings. Hmmm........
Their quality slowly dwindled to a point where service was bad, flavours were not available and the place was out right not enjoyable. In fact I stopped visiting that place for a very long time. On the insistence of my friend, who digs by Movenpick, I went there last week and I must admit that I have been missing these ice creams for a long time. Service was back to what it was a few years back and so were the flavours. In fact the two of us had 2 sundaes just to celebrate me getting back to Movenpick (no pun intended).
A great place to go for ice creams and the cakes though the sandwiches and short eats are only an eyewash. So if you have had a great lunch or dinner somewhere, its worth giving up desserts there and driving here for them. You probably won't regret it.

Service 6/10
Ice Creams and cakes 8/10
Short Eats 4/10
Ambiance 8/10

Movenpick is located on the road opp Fruit Shop on Greams Road on a glass tower shaped building. It can also be reached via Kadhar Nawaz Khan Road beyond Barista towards Egmore.