Update: Mocha has shut in KNK road is now at Adyar as Mocha Mojo

Among all the 'elite hang out' spots in Chennai where you can do your own thing without people staring at you, Mocha probably has the best food and has more than something to do with its immense success. Though the place has turned out to be a teeny hoppers paradise, you will find quite a few 'adults' just chilling out with friends and spending long hours there. The atmosphere with the outside setting, the hall, the balcony, the famous toilet seating are all quite an experience, but quite a lot of people get the vibes of being in a 'drug dealers hideout'. The toilet seat in particular is unique, its basically a toilet that has been converted to seat people, so you can sit on the western closet and have your sandwiches or sink into the bathtub while you have your Current Cooler. The balcony is a nice place to hang out with friends with the privacy you need while you make a racket. The inside hall has a mini hall within it that can seat about 10 people so if you are a group of 10 or 12, this is the place to ask for. The other halls are like like most such 'chill out' places with a combination of bean bags, low seats and cane chairs.
The food, I have heard, depends on the chef's mood, however I have been lucky on almost all my visits to Mocha and have never had a problem with the food. Among the drinks, the Current Cooler and Berry Blast are among my favourites while the Iced Tea is not bad either.They are all priced between Rs 40 and Rs 80. Their coffees are not bad, though I am not a huge fan of their coffees. As for the shakes, the Toblerone shake, the Snicker bar shake, the Ferraro Rocher Shake and the Kit Kat shake really pack a punch and are quite filling priced between Rs 90 and Rs 150. Among the food, the chicken wrap is excellent and the other such short eats are on the nicer side.The omelette are fantastic and served with baked beans and toast and the chicken omelette with nice chunks of chicken is mouth watering.Among the crustinis, Cajun Chicken crustini is simply amazing while the veg crustinis are alright. These short eats are all priced between Rs 70 and Rs 150.The quantity is not great, but you can't complain much as the taste kind of makes up for it. The desserts in this place are something to die for. The lava lava is just an awesome creation here, while the avalanche, true to its name is a nice big portion of a number of ingredients that turn out to be mouth watering. The Vertigo is a towering cake that is nice and chocolaty and smooth. The quantity of the desserts are very very good and if you having other foods before this, then two people can easily share one dish and if you have had too many dishes, then maybe even three.Most of the desserts are priced between Rs 70 and Rs 150. Some of the standard dishes that are a disappointment here are the Chilly Cheese fry that could be stopped here, its pathetic. The potato wedges are alright here and don't deserve any recommendation. However you have quite a lot of dishes to make up for what can be avoided, so.....
The service is very slow and takes ages to get your order, so if you are looking to 'get in, get out', this place is a bad choice for you.Some of the waiters come across as having an attitude, but they are actually friendly.
All in all, it's a great place to chill out and relax that unlike Ashvita, Chamiers or Amethyst, also has great food to go with it.

Food 7/10
Atmosphere- 6/10
Service 5/10

Mocha is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road and its unlikely that you will miss it.