Mainland China

Probably, one of the best Chinese Restos in town, this place is not only great but continues to re invent itself at impressive intervals. The resto is spacious with a variety of tables and each having a decent amount of privacy, but is invariably full to the brim and more often than not, you need a reservation to avoid waiting crazy hours.

The soup and starters are simply superb, the best among the soups being the chicken coriander soup and the chicken wonton soup. The prawn cocktail soup is not far behind either. Among the starters, the momos are awesome. Both the chicken and the prawn varieties are superb. Golden fried prawns are mouthwatering and so are the lemon garlic prawns. The lobster suggested by the waiter was stunning and I don't think it was part of the menu, but you can ask for recommendations and they are invariably good. Dragon Chicken goes well with most soups and also with rice so serves both as a starter and a good side dish.

Among the main course, the Shanghai rice (which is a mix of noodles and fried rice) was excellent. Noodles and fried rice were well....just like how it should be. The fried noodles are nice and crispy. My favourite however was the chicken. Its that broad noodles that is soft and juicy and is not just noodles but lots of stuff, its just different.

Desserts are nice, the dates and pancake being very good, the fried ice cream being extremely good and the litchi with ice cream not far behind. Great place to go for dinner and the lunch buffet is a whole different ball game and deserves another review all for itself.

Service is very good and the waiters are knowledgeable and their recommendations for food are good at most times.

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10

Mainland China is located in the premises of Quality Inn Aruna on Sterling Road.
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