Update: Cornucopia has moved to Adyar and is now a part of Crimson Chakra.

Nestled in a quite old fashioned house on Cenetoph Road, little would you expect to find a culinary experience that is almost new to the tongue in every way. No, this is not the place to head to, if you want good chicken tikka masala or the Indianised versions of Chinese, burgers or anything of that sort, but if you do not mind experimenting and introducing new flavours to your tongue, then get here!!!!
Cornucopia is supposed to mean plenty, however the portions of food are tiny and barely serve one person! But I must admit that the taste, the quality and the service justifies the price you pay. We decided to skip the soup and go straight to the starters and ordered Stir fried prawns and Stuffed Buffalo Wings. The stir fried prawns was gravyish and tasted good, but the size of the prawns leave you gaping, rather searching the bowl for the pieces cos each prawn is about a few micrometers in size. Tastes great though. The buffalo chicken wings are larger and tastier and has an unique taste to it, I liked it, my friend did not! Both the starters were served with some salads which was also very small.
The main course is served with some potatoes and vegetables. I had the Chicken Breast Carson which was heavenly. The sauce, the consistency of the chicken were all very well done. My friend had the blackened king fish steak, which has two fillets of king fish and is reasonably and relatively larger in portions and tastes equally great. To wash them down, I ordered 'Sweet Sixteen' which is coffee with cream and chocolate and was alright, but my friend's Blue Marina was very good. For desserts, we shared one Mud Pie which is vanilla ice cream in a chocolate shell and was pretty large and very very good.
Service is very very good and food gets to you real fast. The Ambiance is OK and the tables are a little too closely placed so privacy is not an option here. All in all, its a good place to get to once in a while for some quality European taste for your tongue. The total cost for two was Rs 987 including all the taxes.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 5/10
Service 7/10
Pricing 5/10

Cornucopia is located on Cenetoph Road, a little further from the Maruti Showroom on your left (while driving towards Mount Road), in an old house!