Cool Nature

Pav Bhaji Style Ice creams is what it is at Cool Nature.
Cool Nature at Ispahani Centre serves ice creams in an unique style-you choose your ice creams and toppings, and you get it smashed on a sparkling granite stone. How the stone enhances the taste of the ice creams (if it does that is) is beyond my comprehension, but the atmosphere is relaxed and chilled out. The place also serves pastas, sandwiches and other short eats, however its best to keep yourself away from them (you can have some food at Marrybrown and get here for the ice creams) and stick to the ice creams.
When you get to the counter, pick a couple of flavors. The guy will place the icecreams on the sparkling stone and kind of mash them, however the ice creams do not get to the liquid consistency. He just kind of pokes at it with two large spoons and you can decide if you want your toppings to be mashed along with the ice cream or just have them as toppings on your icecream.
The other option is to go for their fixed mixes which you can order from the table. It comes in two sizes and a number of flavours. The best one is called the 'Snow white' which is a fantastic lichie icecream with banana toppings. The hide and seek is alright while the choco dip has a strong cocoa flavour and hits you hard however you could try the chocolate gelato with some other toppings and you will not be dissappointed. They have a grilled sandwich with chocolate and hazelnut and banana, its kind of small but tasty.
They have some flavors worth trying and some of the gelatos are really good while some are average, as is to be expected from any ice cream parlour. The choice of toppings are quite wide and you also get some Kellog's stuff, kit kat etc as toppings. The concept is exciting, but if it serves no purpose, I guess its charm will be lost soon. Do not compare it to Fresco Italian Gelatos, though the atmosphere can be compared with Movenpick outlets. However the flavors in both these places are almost entirely different from the ones at Cool Nature. The waiters and the guys on the stone are not too fluent with English and one of them infact struggled to keep up a conversation with me, but they are very friendly and service is good.
Prices are alright, Rs 49 for the small and Rs 59 for the medium gelatos with 2 toppings. Each extra topping will cost you Rs 9. The drinks are priced at Rs 59 and Rs 69, the shakes atRs 79 and Rs 89. Sandwiches and salads are priced between Rs 49-Rs 69.

Ice Creams- 7/10
Service- 7/10

Cool Nature is at the first floor of Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam, above Marrybrown.