One of the Oldest Fine Dining Restaurants in the city, Cascade has been a favourite among elite food lovers for a very very long time. It has had its ups and downs and a change of location too, but the quality has been maintained all along.

Known for its HUGE portions of food, the place is a bad idea if just two people are pay a visit, as you will not be able to do justice to the food and its quantity and will turn out to be expensive unless you are both big eaters. So its a bad choice for a date, but if a group of people are getting here, its worth every penny you spend.

Soups are excellent and come in large quantities. Don't even think of having a bowl of soup all by yourself. The waiters will advice you to order one portion of soup for 3 or even 4 people. You will be served empty soup bowls and a barrel of soup will follow. The soups are priced between Rs 140 and Rs 160, but considering the fact that almost three people can have full bowls of soup, it is actually cheap. The starters are alright and do not have the huge portions. On weekdays you even get a complimentary starter if you are a group of three or more. The basket chicken is a nice delightful starter and so are the golden friend prawns. The fried wantons are alright.

The main course is HUGE in portions. The Shanghai rice here is superb with portions to satisfy 3 people. Noodles and fried rice are very good. The mixed noodles with chicken, mutton and prawns are very very nice. Among the side dishes, the chilly beef sauce is the best where as the ginger garlic prawns are great too. You can also get entrees but I have not tried any of them here. Most of the dishes are priced between Rs 140 and Rs 220 and have pretty huge portions, can easily serve about 3 people (considering you are eating a lot of other stuffs too)

Desserts are pretty good too. The fried ice cream that is usually good in most Chinese restaurants is a big disappointment here. How ever the fried wantons with ice creams, the date pancake and the litchi with ice cream are all good enough to wash down the food.

Overall a great place to dine in a group so that you can order more varieties and share. Service is not bad.

Food 7/10
Service 7/10

Ambiance- At Nungambakkam 7/10, At Besant Nagar 5/10

Cascade is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Nungambakkam above Man Mandir, at Besant Nagar and at Quality Inn Sabari Hotel near Vidhyodhaya School. The above review is based on the resto in Nungambakkam, the one at Besant Nagar is outright bad and I have not visited the one in Quality Inn Sabari.