Cafe Ashvita

This is an art gallery house that has a cafe at the rear end. The cafe has two seating areas-a garden area that has about 5 tables and the lobby area that has a few bean bags with funny chairs in many sizes and shapes, so its not really possible to quatify the number.
Being an art art gallery, the owner decided to have a cafe to serve his guest spending time at the gallery and has not really concentrated on the cafe. However it just turns out to be a great hang out spot. Chilled out place where you can do your own thing and no one really bothers you. A place where we go as a gang and make a lot of noise and play the guitar and sing along, but you will also find a few men and women sharing a smoke at the garden,people coming up with movie scripts, some of them just reading books and a few couples cozying up.
Its this chilled out atmosphere that is the attraction here and thus the food is not a real concern, however a few dishes are really worth the money you pay. The chicken burger that costs about Rs 90 is really huge and tastes pretty good-please dont compare it with McD or KFC, this is a nice Indianised burger that serves the purpose of most of the people who hang out there. The iced tea and some made home stuff are also worth a mention, while the cutlets and other finger food are not bad either.
Service is very slow. Don't be suprised if your order is forgotten altogether and at most times there is only one waiter for both the areas put together. However for some people who dont mind this and are there to just laze away time, relax or just catch up with their sweet hearts, this actually works to their advantage. If you are hungry and expect to eat and get out, then you might as well stay out and pick another outlet for your needs.
Overall, its a chilled out place that serves decent food!

Service 3/10
Food 5/10
Atmosphere 7/10

Cafe Ashvita is located a few feet away from Hotel President in a small street on the left on Maj Radhakrishnan Salai (on the same side of Chennai City Centre, towards Nungambakkam). You can see a small board on the left side when to drive from Chennai City Centre beyond Hotel President.