Marhaba's Thirumana Biriyani

Thirumana biriyani...

I must say that after a long time, I had biriyani close to the ones we make at home and close enough to the Muslim wedding biriyani...the biriyani with the brinjal curry was VERY GOOD!!!! It will cost your Rs 65 a plate and the chicken 65 ,Rs.50. They serve brinjal, onion raitha and sweet on the house and its unlimited. The serve pineapple kesari or pineapple halwa on most days and both taste extremely good. Though its on the house, its also unlimited so make the most of it! Rs. 115 seemed decent for a plate of good food.....Its crowded and you might find a stranger sharing your table if you are a group of 5. They seat 6 people on every table immaterial of the size of the group, so prepared to lose your privacy. Anyway, its not a place for business discussions. Its a place to eat and get out!

They also serve pepper chicken, fried prawns and plain biriyani amongst other side dishes.

Vegies, dont even think of entering this place!!!

Thirumana Biriyani is located on Greme's Road, Egmore, bang opposite the Seashells restaurant.